No I’m not talking bout surgeries. No pain is involved here. No surgical recoveries, no sacrifice and long waits. But a couple of minutes for patience to details.

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Make your eye bags  disappear, whiten your teeth, lose fats and wrinkles in just a couple of minutes. You’d absolutely look good in reunion photos and in your friend’s wedding album.
I’m not talking about magic nor miracle, but we could probably put it that way. I’m talking bout graphic photo editing softwares like GIMP and Photoshop.
How easily we could do those this days. Just a few clicks, and you’d get to where you want to be, control how you wanted to be seen and how you wanted to be remembered in an occassion. 

GIMP can do mostly, what Photoshop can do.  GIMP is more popular with Ubuntu or Linux(Operating system) users. It requires little hard drive space. But the best thing about it is, it’s free and portable.  Photoshop on the other hand, requires a lot of space, and ADOBE got so much more to brag about. Unlike GIMP that sometimes runs slow and freezes Photoshop runs efficiently. I could say nothing bad, you just get what you paid for. 
But anyway this isn’t about these 2 softwares. It’s about what they can do for you to pull out the old photos out of the basement chest and display it once again. You’d be so proud of your pictures you’d duplicate copies to give away, even blow up the size and post it on living room walls.

Let’s start off and use GIMP.
Use a tired looking photo to edit. Now our goal for now is to get rid of the eyebags that make a face look older.
this is the picture that we’re going to improve.

Now we’ll take few easy steps. Once you’ve opened your picture you must click on the smudge tool (hand icon) and use a fuzzy brush, then lower it’s opacity a bit. Resize the brush a bit bigger according to what’s needed.


Once ready, drag the tool upwards to the eyebags avoiding to touch the eyelids so the eyes won’t look distorted. The direction of the brush should be from the upper cheek upwards leading to the side.
Now here’s the outcome. VERY SIMPLE and slick


Let’s now move on to.. TEETH WHITENING:
Now, what we’re going to do next is whiten you’re noticeable yellowish teeth. Yup, you won’t need to see your dentist for it and cry in pain.
Right click current layer and click on “NEW transparent layer”
The purpose of making a new layer is to have the back up of original look, just in case you make mistakes or you wish to undo and redo changes you’ve made.
Just get a fuzzy brush.

Click on the color palette. Then change the values of Red, Green and Blue (Red=230 Green=230 Blue=255), the outcome color will be a very very light blue.

Then change the brush opacity to 10%.Then change the size of your brush acording to your smallest teeth.


Make sure the “transparent layer”(upper layer) is highlighted, while you brush on the teeth portion only. And you may brush as much as your tooth needs whitening.

And there you go..
These techniques combined could make a flawless deceiving photo. Goodbye Eyebags, Hello Pearly White teeth!


Later, I’d do a follow up article on this, concentrating on how to do or put make up on(such as
lipstick, foundation, blush on, eye makeup, etc.)  using GIMP or Photoshop.
After you find out how these things are done. I’m sure you’re gonna have all your facebook/myspace profile photos pimped out. And I bet you’re gonna have more than a dozen “likes” for it.



I came across this page today on facebook. ‘Mind you, this is not an ad. I had nothing to do with that page.
At first I was just curious. I actually thought some douche bag used Jesus’ name again for some crappy blog advertisement or something else. But eventually, I found my self stuck on that page reading others’ prayers for i dunno how long.

The idea was.. You were supposed to post your requests and take the time to pray for at least 2 other requests from others. Pretty much a fair deal. It’s not nearly like a chain/spam mail.. that would threat you to misfortune/death if you don’t pass it on or don’t do things. It’s something that would help you if your faith is enough and something that may help other people’s prayers to be granted by praying for them in particular.

(I was reminded of Bruce Almighty, a film wherein Bruce(Jim Carey), was given the task to be God for a time and he was receiving prayers and requests through emails. I gave it some thought. What if it’s true what If God is one of us, fond of digital things too. =) I’m pretty sure He’s got more high tech and more powerful gadgets than any of us.)

Oh well goin’ back.. I guess I’m writing this because I was moved by reading through others’ prayers. It’s something new to me. You’d rarely hear what others’ are praying about in particular.. especially not from strangers not from the other side of this world. So I realized a lot from this.. I got a lot to be grateful about and there are a lot more people who needs more help than me.

It won’t hurt to tag them in your prayers. Try praying for a perfect stranger, someone in particular whom you believe needs most help. Just try it! I know what you’re thinking, “WTH so shameful and desperate for someone to post prayers on an online page as if GOD’s got an account on Facebook to see it duh?!”.. Tell you what, that’s exactly the point! Those who posted their prayers are desperate, they need help, they need prayers.. and most especially they have an Amazing faith!
Big FAITH that led them to believe GOD is active, even on Facebook. 🙂

Charice getting botox?!

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Charice Pempengco, a young singer who’s been discovered by Oprah Winfrey few years back is given another anticipated big break. Charice is a very promising young singer so. . .
I thought, “Amazing!”

And her luck doesn’t stop there, she’s going to appear soon on the hit TV series, GLEE for the next season.
I thought, “Awesome!”

But recently it has been confirmed that she underwent facial botox procedures. And I thought… “Dagnabbit!!!”
At first I thought I heard the TV news wrong, I was thinking she got her buttocks enhanced. And later, I realized it’s worse.

Botox is a procedure usually done for older people to lose wrinkles, get finer, smoother, and younger looking skin. It is a non surgical procedure done by using injection. Botox simply defies aging but when overdone instead of making people look better it causes some to look plasticy and “barbie looking”.

Any way, enough of the Botox trivia. Whatduff.. @#$%!!! Why would an 18 year old do that??? Oh Gosh, this world has turned upside down!
Not a very good example for teens.. cosmetic surgery is not the answer for little insecurities. Definitely not for the youth.

I see why people get mad with photoshoped pictures on magazines, because it creates higher standards for most people and make most overlook what real beauty is all about. Just like what most ads and magazines try to imply as if real beauty should be perfect and flawless when we all know it’s far from reality. This issue is almost the same, only WORSE!

I despise BELO Clinic for using Charice, and to those who had brainwashed her to do it. I hate all the MEDIA press that covered and aired the procedure as if it’s something good to show to young people.
Charice on the other hand, should have done this discreetly. It’s a shame.

Richard (May 1, 1986- June 16, 2010) from Althea Madrid on Vimeo.

He just turned 24 last May.
The end of your struggle has given us the consolation that you’re now in a better place, living happily and peacefully.
You have lived a short life.. yet a very meaningful one.
We are missing you terribly! And we’re still under recovery. I love you!

Yup, that’s right. What kind of dumbass does that? I’m claiming it. I’m the dumbass. Sometimes you come unprepared with situations like picture taking with family or friends. It’s almost impossible to attend a gathering without a make up on for the ladies. However, what if you’ve done something else tiring earlier during the day that made your look exhausted and dull. And though it’s supposed to be a happy occasion, you just don’t want to look back because every time you open that photo album, you feel like closing it again instead of showing it to everybody.
Uhuh, I know how you feel. That’s why we’re ending you’re dilemma.
Sit still and I’ll show you a tutorial on how to put make up on, even after a photo-shoot. ^_^


Today I’m going to use GIMP as my platform. And I’ll use Gisele Bundchen’s(model) photo to improve. Now you may open up your own picture for this.


*Note on this picture before I started, I duplicated the original picture twice. On the 2nd layer: Menu-filter-Gaussian Blur 15%, then place the layer mode to “Overlay”. now the skin and photo texture looks better. I also made the eyebags dissapear(the tutorial u’ll see on my “Painless beauty in seconds” blog). And with the 3rd copy, I placed below every photo, remained invisible to serve as a back up and named it “original layer”.


Once you’ve opened up a picture, right click on the thumbnail print at the right side “layer part”. Then click new layer-transparent. Just like how we do make up, we’ll put foundation on first. We’re going to use a white with a very little hue of pink. But the majority of the color should still remain as white. Make sure the transparent layer is highlighted, name it “foundation layer”. You must paint on every face and neck skin avoiding the eyeballs, eyebrows, lips, nose holes. Once done, Go to Menu-Filters-Gaussian Blur 15-20px, click ok. then lower down the layer opacity, to desired color. You could also place it on “Overlay” layer mode, but it depends on what you like.


Next, we’ll do the lipstick. You’ll do the same, almost exact procedure. Make a new transparent layer. You could pick any color you choose, any thing in between red and pink is safe. Make a new layer then name it “lipstick”. Use the fuzzy brush and paint on the lips. Go to Menu-Filters-Gaussian Blur 7-10px, click ok. Then lower down the layer opacity to around 10%-30%.You could play around and experiment with the colors without changing the actual color or touching the color pallette, simply by changing or scrolling down the layer mode to overlay/hue/screen or whatever you wish.


Now make a new layer again- a transparent one. Name it “blush on”. then go to Color palette and pick a color somewhere in between red and pink. Once you’re ok with the color, use the fuzzy brush and paint the cheek portion and forming a triangular shape, inverted downwards.


Get to the filters menu then Gaussian Blur, around 10px. Finally, lower down the layer opacity(10-40%) ’til you get the natural blush you needed.


Above you’ll see the original eye portion w/o make up at all.
Now this time, were going to put eyeliner on. Make another transparent layer, and name it “eyeliner”. Let’s use color black for this. then using a small fuzzy brush will draw a line around the eyes, or better yet draw on the eye outline itself. And then go to Menu-Filters-Gaussian Blur 10px, click ok.Then lower down the layer scale opacity according to what’s enough for you. Here I’ve used an eyelash brush( I’ve downloaded, and used it to thicken her eyelashes.


You could also do the eyeshadow, by doing the exact same techniques.
Here I’ve chosen a blue green eyeshadow (HTML notation: 7dbebe).
Keep playing on the layer mode ’til you get a good hue of the color you have chosen. You could also duplicate this layer then play with the layer mode, and you’ll see a richer effect.

Make a habit of saving this as a whole project before merging all layers down. So you could get back to it and make changes as you like later on.

Now to save it as a normal photo. you must flatten this image first. If you think you’re satisfied with the make up and would like to make it final, right click on the layer and merge it down to the Original photo.Or better yet, if you’re finished with everything, right click and merge all visible layers to make the procedure quick.


Now, you don’t have to be afraid to look dull on camera.
After all, you could do the make up after the shoot anyway.