Charice getting botox?!

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Charice Pempengco, a young singer who’s been discovered by Oprah Winfrey few years back is given another anticipated big break. Charice is a very promising young singer so. . .
I thought, “Amazing!”

And her luck doesn’t stop there, she’s going to appear soon on the hit TV series, GLEE for the next season.
I thought, “Awesome!”

But recently it has been confirmed that she underwent facial botox procedures. And I thought… “Dagnabbit!!!”
At first I thought I heard the TV news wrong, I was thinking she got her buttocks enhanced. And later, I realized it’s worse.

Botox is a procedure usually done for older people to lose wrinkles, get finer, smoother, and younger looking skin. It is a non surgical procedure done by using injection. Botox simply defies aging but when overdone instead of making people look better it causes some to look plasticy and “barbie looking”.

Any way, enough of the Botox trivia. Whatduff.. @#$%!!! Why would an 18 year old do that??? Oh Gosh, this world has turned upside down!
Not a very good example for teens.. cosmetic surgery is not the answer for little insecurities. Definitely not for the youth.

I see why people get mad with photoshoped pictures on magazines, because it creates higher standards for most people and make most overlook what real beauty is all about. Just like what most ads and magazines try to imply as if real beauty should be perfect and flawless when we all know it’s far from reality. This issue is almost the same, only WORSE!

I despise BELO Clinic for using Charice, and to those who had brainwashed her to do it. I hate all the MEDIA press that covered and aired the procedure as if it’s something good to show to young people.
Charice on the other hand, should have done this discreetly. It’s a shame.


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