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I came across this page today on facebook. ‘Mind you, this is not an ad. I had nothing to do with that page.
At first I was just curious. I actually thought some douche bag used Jesus’ name again for some crappy blog advertisement or something else. But eventually, I found my self stuck on that page reading others’ prayers for i dunno how long.

The idea was.. You were supposed to post your requests and take the time to pray for at least 2 other requests from others. Pretty much a fair deal. It’s not nearly like a chain/spam mail.. that would threat you to misfortune/death if you don’t pass it on or don’t do things. It’s something that would help you if your faith is enough and something that may help other people’s prayers to be granted by praying for them in particular.

(I was reminded of Bruce Almighty, a film wherein Bruce(Jim Carey), was given the task to be God for a time and he was receiving prayers and requests through emails. I gave it some thought. What if it’s true what If God is one of us, fond of digital things too. =) I’m pretty sure He’s got more high tech and more powerful gadgets than any of us.)

Oh well goin’ back.. I guess I’m writing this because I was moved by reading through others’ prayers. It’s something new to me. You’d rarely hear what others’ are praying about in particular.. especially not from strangers not from the other side of this world. So I realized a lot from this.. I got a lot to be grateful about and there are a lot more people who needs more help than me.

It won’t hurt to tag them in your prayers. Try praying for a perfect stranger, someone in particular whom you believe needs most help. Just try it! I know what you’re thinking, “WTH so shameful and desperate for someone to post prayers on an online page as if GOD’s got an account on Facebook to see it duh?!”.. Tell you what, that’s exactly the point! Those who posted their prayers are desperate, they need help, they need prayers.. and most especially they have an Amazing faith!
Big FAITH that led them to believe GOD is active, even on Facebook. 🙂